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      Perhaps this subject line will make you scream, if so I apologize. We are renovating our current home in the US — meaning by hand, not hiring it out — and are interested in self-renovating an off-the-grid home in rural Castellon. My question is, can we do it a la Alec Fry, move in to a place with dirt floors, etc. and largely self-renovate? Or is that illegal because we wouldn’t have a Cedula De Habilidad (probably I spelled that wrong) when we set up our cots and go to sleep there the first night? Or do you only need the Cedula for connection to water and electric? I don’t want to live illegally; it seems there should be some legal way to slowly self-renovate a property if you’re willing to live on cots and put up with a generator and an outhouse etc for the duration. Alec was asking that question last month on his forum and I don’t think he got an answer (he did it without a cedula but wondered if it would now be a problem for someone to do it as he did). I realize this forum is mostly geared toward sub/urban Brits who want to live on an urbanization, but we grew up in rural America and are hoping to find the answer to this question. Thanks very much.

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