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      In todays daily Times I read about this website. The majority of the properties are in the Duquesa area. I dont see the prices to be distressed !!!!
      Check out http://www.distressedsalesspain.com/ lets see what you all think.

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      Why on earth would you want it known you are a distressed seller and advertise the fact that you would like riduculously low offers, please?

      Utter stupidity. Frankly I am continually amazed at the commercial insanity that floods this market.

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      Probably a clever psychological tactic to get people (particularly Brits it seems) to believe they can buy quickly & easily, & think they are getting a great bargain – especially those who aren’t ‘clued-up’ with the Spanish problems.

      They say:
      “We have a panel of former UK Mortgage Brokers now working in Spain
      that can help with all your finance and reference requirements.
      On these bargain developer repossessions and distressed sales, up to
      80-100% finance is usually available (subject to status & valuation).
      We have a panel of independent (English speaking) Spanish Solicitors,
      that can protect you legally and aid a smooth transaction.” 🙄

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      There will always be vultures to pick at a rotting carcass!

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      I understand what you mean about advertising that one is desparate to sell. Personally I dont see a problem in this, if it sells and you get a ceratin type of buyer who is willing to buy at that price (A price is what one is willing to accept buyer/seller ) These people are trying to minimise their losses and stresses and once sold they can close the chapter and move on.

      I am afraid in a dog eats dog world that we live in there will always be vultures. If one vulture does not take the carcass some one else will take.

      A few years ago I was buying a flat in London, the flat belong to an elderly gentelman and needed some work on it. The offer that I was going to make would have been substanially lower than the asking price.

      The agent told me that the buyer will accept it as he was dying of cancer and will accept anything. I told the agent that I wished he had not said this to me as I now cannot buy as my concious would not allow me. Needless to say that it was bought by some one else.

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      I would not be able to buy in those circumstances either, but I guess someone would eventually have to buy it. What a sad story. 🙁

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      I cannot imagine myself telling a buyer that the seller was dying. As well as being an unnecessary intrusion into the privacy of the seller, it is also likely to put off many buyers.

      However, there is something a little ghoulish about estate agency and it must be admitted that two of our best business friends are death and divorce.

      However, most estate agents cannot be too sentimental and we are often asked pryingly personal questions by both buyers and sellers. ‘Why are they selling? or ‘What does he do for a living?’

      It’s not always easy to be informative, frank, and discreet.

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      Fuengi (Andrew)

      did anyone else notice that that site is part of http://www.theoverseaspropertynetwork.com/ ?

      Oh and i’d recommend reading their investment guide 🙁

      investmentguide wrote:

      It’s easier than you think. If you have more than £40,000 in equity in your current property, you can re-mortgage and have sufficient money for a 30% deposit on your overseas dream holiday home or investment.

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