Developer nightmare.

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    Not for one second am I going to defend some of the sharp practices utilised over recent years in connection with the sales of “off plan” investment along the Costa del Sol. Nor will I defend agents that offer no back up when the crucial time comes…..finding an end user to take on the property.
    For an agent to be able to get an end user excited about a soon to be ready property does in my opinion require far more knowledge and expertise than those who can only work with show flat and brochures. Yet this greater ability often has so many obstacles placed in it’s way and devious tactics,(like sneaking around on site when everyone is at lunch) have to be employed in order to give the potential buyer as close a look at the available property as possible.

    The market remains “softer” than at previous times and many “investors” are left in a precarious situation.

    However one situation I can mention and can mention the development…La Reserva de Marbella. A buyer has been found and monies transferred to the Lawyer in order for the property to be signed over to the new end user. But oh joy, the developer is proving to be completely obstructive in organising a date for the signing to take place.

    All this when they actively encouraged sales for investment purposes and yet offer no help later on. Both buyer and seller want the transaction finalised but the developer appears to be totally disinterested as there is no real gain in it for them! đŸ˜•

    Dont shoot the messenger who in this case is obviously an agent,but one that does not sell off plan for short term investment to his clients.

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    “For an agent to be able to get an end user excited”

    For end user do you mean a Greater fool who is naiive enough to buy someone elses “investment” mistake!

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    You might call any property an “investment mistake” if the desired results are not achieved,but the person concerned here,did actually sell pre completion with a small profit. The new buyer was looking for a property with a limited budget for personal use only.

    In this scenario both seller and buyer appear to be happy.Does that bother you?

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