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      Hi – this is an interesting question! Developer has paid out a very large sum to owners who bought in a development and sued for poor quality build etc. As an original owner who has now sold and who suffered the cost of repairs and fees to sue I find the money has been paid to current owners. Do I have a case to pursue for this money? Money is already in their bank accounts. Many thanks for your help and advice.

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      Mark Stücklin

      If a year has passed you are probably too late.

      Read this article for more information: Off-Plan construction guarantees: know your rights

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      Thank you Mark – we sold in 2012. I have asked purchasing and selling solicitors so if I get anywhere I’ll come back and leave a message. It would appear this is a payout by the indemnity insurers of the architects and surveyors and not from the developer. Worth noting for those in similar circumstances.

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