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      maybe some good news!!
      i’ve heard that a house in cartama must be pulled down, although that has been for the last 3 yrs or so. just recently the bulldozers went in, but were stopped by the owner, so they went away.
      the interesting bit is that the owners are SPANISH, so maybe the system is not against the brits as at times it seems to be.

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      The owner in question had a good lawyer who knew the Town Hall didn’t have a court order to do the demolition.
      This attempt had no legality whatsoever – no court order means no entry to property or demolition. And their lawyer knew it.

      Apparently the Town Hall had applied for a court order but due to the backlog in the Spanish courts and the Summer recess, it probably won’t be issued until September.

      So why did the Town Hall try to rush things on Monday knowing they had no court order?
      The first court ruling for demolition was issued in 1999, since then the owner has been filing appeal after appeal causing continuous delays.
      But the final ruling in June that the demolition should go ahead gave Cártama Town Hall 30 days to destroy the building or find themselves being charged with ‘disobeying authority’.

      So one Spanish Authority orders another Spanish Authority to do something, but they can’t because of yet another Spanish Authority’s inability to provide the necessary legal permission to carry out said action. So now they’ll be charged with “disobeying authority”.
      You’ve got to smile, it’s almost reads like a Monty Python sketch. 😀

      But yes you’re right Alan, the more Spaniards on the receiving end the better. As far as I’m concerned it’s not so much from the point of view of just seeing the system being applied to expats and locals alike, but rather the more locals affected the more likely there will be change in the future. If they won’t listen to the expats (or the EU), maybe when it comes to election time they may listen to their own.

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