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      Sample email to email your address book with.

      Dear all,

      There have been 8 demolition orders issued to British homeowners in Albox, a small town in the province of Andalucia in the South of Spain.
      Building permissions were applied for and issued for these houses around 2002. These permission were subsequently revoked, and court proceedings commenced to get these houses demolished. These proceedings have taken about 7 years to come to fruition, resulting in these demolition orders which have now been issued to the householders.

      At no time during these proceedings were the homeowners informed of what was happening. The orders were served during the last two weeks with little or no explanation to those affected.

      Among several other initiatives there is a facebook campagin to highlight the plight of these unfortunate homeowners.

      Please, please, please help those affected by spreading this as far as possible.

      What can you do –

      sign onto the campaign if you are on facebook using this link
      invite all your friends on facebook to join the campaign
      ask them to invite their friends
      forward this email to all your contacts
      ask your contacts to forward to all their contacts

      This is a shameful situation which cannot not be allowed to happen.

      Please help us to make sure it doesn´t.

      Kind regards,

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