Demolition in Marbella

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    First illegal homes are demolished in Marbella:

    The article says the developer is ‘implicated’ in the Malaya Case. Aren’t all the developers of illegal properties in some way ‘implicated’ 🙄

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    Ahhh but these are properties not lived in and still under construction – I very much doubt they will demolish homes lived in and at least theya re seen to be doing something.

    I reckon its to appease the junta de andalucia and to hopefully help them to pass the new pgou!

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    As construction was stopped in August 2003, I’m wondering how the original off-plan purchasers now fare (presuming there were some).
    Any info please Inez ❓

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    No idea – I would live to know as well and I would guess they SHOULD (????) get their deposits back!

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    As far a Elviria and some areas of Marbella are concerned that makes it 49,964 properties to go .
    Again the advice I have is that the property must have had a BANK guarantee 😕 😕 and as it was stopped before completion and demolished the the Banks would be ordered to honour those that had a deposit on the property. 🙂
    Naturally the owners and their solicitors whould have ensured Bank guarantees were in place. 😯 ❓ ❓ ❓ ❓ as this is the law is it not ?
    So nothing to worry about then 😕 😕 😕 😕 😕 😕
    If any had completed then maybe they could have possibly received compensation when demolished. 😯

    Frank 8)

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    Lots of opened cans of worms to be dealt with I think ❗

    Maybe some of the purchasers were Spanish so may not hear from them on here 🙁 But maybe there will be more reports in the press on this one over the next few days.

    Interesting that the building work was stopped on these 6 villas in 2003, when there were many thousands of illegal properties. Is it because these were in such close proximity to the beach ❓

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    Interesting that the building work was stopped on these 6 villas in 2003, when there were many thousands of illegal properties.

    Perhaps they where never legal and always illegal.



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    ‘Ángeles Muñoz, the new Partido Popular Mayor of Marbella……has meanwhile issued a statement to calm fears about the first demolitions of illegal homes in the town.

    She said in a statement on Wednesday that the demolition of illegal homes on El Arenal beach was at the request of the developer himself, to bring into line what she called ‘an irregular situation.’

    They were built by the constructor José Ávila Rojas, also implicated in the Malaya case, who has been fined 59,000 € for a ‘serious town planning infraction.’ ‘

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