Decline is sale to foreigners

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      As usual looking for any reliable stats on the market.

      Giving the warning at the Madrid tourism fair FITUR, the President of the organisation, José Prado, said the number of tourism homes sold to foreign buyers on the coast last year was down 57%.

      He said the number of such homes sold in the province over the year was 5,500, more than 7,000 less than in the previous year.

      The numbers would indicate that Málaga province has lost the leadership in residential tourism to Alicante and Murcia.


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      And set to get a whole lot less!

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      Inez, you are amazingly honest for an agent, being sceptical I am waiting for the bottom line, that is are you trying to gain our trust and then post with a not to be missed offer in Bulgaria/n. Africa, Cape Verde or something 😉

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      Ah Katy, but I try to stay away from being called an estate agent. To me the mileage is in keeping customers. E agency is a recycling business, houses buy and sell all the time. I started in an agency in the UK in the mid 80`s – mad times but fun and you had to match a client to a property according to what they want.

      I dont waste my time taking people to see things they dont want cos Im appalling at the closing stage – I cant do hard sell.

      If I beleive in it then I sell it by enthusiasm alone. I prefer a long time reputation. I moved here 12 years ago had little bitty kids then – theyre now 14 and 16! In spanish school, going to university and this is my home. If i made enemies here I couldnt stay. In for the long haul you see. ANd anyway I would get found out.

      Had a client over from uk this morning. He had seen 2 properties on our web he was interested in and had budget for. He came to the office and e had the usual chat re state of the coast and finances etc.

      He wanted to rent out and how could I look him in the eye and say guess hat man 66 eeks a year guaranteed rental for 2000 euros per week! Anyway turns out he is a reporter, did a feature on us last year, has followed us and wanted to come out to see what we said in the flesh. Phew!

      Anyway – dont sell in Bulgaria (too cold) or Africa so cant bore you with it.

      This shiraz is wunderful!

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