Declaracion de Residencia Fiscal

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      Hi all

      We are non residents and will not be renting out our house. We transferred the final funds for our final payment when we complete on the house into Cajamar bank. We also opened another account into which we get paid the interest on the lump sum.

      We have now received the ‘Declaracion de Residencia Fiscal’ to complete. Can somebody please explain what this is? and is we need to complete it.

      Many thanks

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      I think you mean this is the form from the bank when you open your account. The bank needs to know if you are resident or non resident for your account. If you are resident they would declare this to the tax authority in Spain. You will be declaring “no residente” meaning your tax affairs are back in the UK. The bank should send you this from every 2 years for you to renew your non resident or resident status.

      However, the Spanish bank are required to tell the Inland Revenue here of any interest you receive but if this happens or not im not really sure.

      Dont forget that even if you non resident and not renting you are supposed to pay the assumed rental tax that the Spanish tax authority wants.

      Kind regards


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      Thanks that about explains everything. Thanks for taking time out to let me know.


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