Damp in 4 year old apartment

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    We have very bad damp in our 4 year old apartment in spain and Im really not sure what to do – its been empty over the last 2 months and when our agent had a potential long let he discovered it and he says its bad
    Its on a popular complex and we cannot let it out until its sorted
    How can this have happened and are we covered under any house building guarantees?? MUCH APPRECIATED FOR ANY ADVICE!!!

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    Where is your apartment, What floor, are there any vents ?. In teory we have ten years guanratee. I have never come accroos anybody who has availed this guanratee. Do let us know.

    I know some developers have built over running streams etc.

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    Don’t ask me why but if you close up a spanish apartment they all get moist problems because they are built to be kept cool. Why they don’t build them with vents from the start is beyond my reasoning. You need to install vents if you don’t want this to keep happening and then redo the damaged parts. No biggie in costs but it’s often annoying to have to deal with it. Often but not always the home insurance deals with it. In my opinion this should be a guarantee issue for the builder since its very easy to argue that they have built it faulty from the start. An apartment that you can’t close seems strange to me.

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