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      Despite our making a mistake not realising we would incur (significant) bank charges, see earlier posts on Commision on Euros … we did know that we would be charged a handling fee of up to 2.75% on the use of a UK credit card in Spain (and more for cash withdrawals).

      Just to let anyone who is planning to spend on a UK credit card in Spain, Nationwide have a 0% fee on EU transactions(but then, of course, theres the daily conversion rate applied to Sterling/Euro, and who knows what rate will be used by what card issuer….???).

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      Another thing we found when we first moved here was that some banks let you withdraw euros in sterling (does that make sense!). You put in the sterling amount you wish to take out and the bank uses its own exchange rates to convert to euros. Banco Popular being one such bank here.

      This avoids paying charges and seemed to even give us a slightly better exchange rate too…we had got very fed up with being charged 1.50 pounds for each cash withdrawl from our UK Halifax account.


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