Courts reject Helen and Len Priors claim for compensation

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    Courts reject Helen and Len Priors claim for compensation as ‘premature’

    Auan, 16th March 2012
    Their home was demolished by the regional government of Andalucía in 2008

    An administrative court in Almeria has rejected Helen and Len Priors claim for compensation against Vera council for the demolition of their home in 2008 as ‘premature’.

    The judgement was made on the basis that a definitive decision has not been made regarding the legality of the building licence issued to construct the property due to the existence of an ongoing appeal in the High Courts of Justice of Andalucía (TSJA).

    The guilt or innocence of Helen and Len Prior is not the subject of debate in the courts. They are the victims of a planning dispute between the regional and local governments in Andalucía and they continue to live in their former garage whilst seeking damages for the loss of their home.

    “Helen and Len are absolutely gutted by this latest setback” said a spokesperson for AUAN, an association of homeowners who support the Priors fight for justice.

    “There is no sense or natural justice in the way this couple are being treated. This case is a disgraceful example of how the little people are being crushed by the inadequate, highly politicised and poorly implement planning laws of Andalucía. It sends a very bad message to anyone considering investing here.”

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    Sad and appalling. I never expected any other outcome. Probably has cost them thousands in lawyer fees too 🙁

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    I dont think they will see justice in their life time. I hope I am wrong and wish them strength & determination to not to give in.

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    I am an obstinate person but in their case I would have given in before it became an obsession. They are not young, living in a converted garage. Their hopes of a relaxed retirement in the sun have gone so time to move on and try to enjoy the rest of their life. I wouldn’t want to live in a country that had treated me so unfairly anyway. Infact it was one of the things that made me want to leave Spain, didn’t feel safe with a lot of money invested in our villa…I wanted out! I know soo many people who have been cheated and left with worthless properties.

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    Katy, I share your sentiments. What do they come home to ??? & where will live &/or buy a place if their capital base has been erroded ????

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    The Prior case is one of many such situations over the years. Most have given up, left Spain never to return. The Priors are an example of sheer human courage with the determination not to allow the Spanish authorities to ride rough shod over ordinary innocent people.

    The Spanish and Almeria regional governments should hang their heads in shame.

    The country is unfit as a viable destination for capital investment in the 21st Century. There is little consumer protection, corruption everywhere especially among public officials. The laws and judicial system are weak and easily twisted to suit a nefarious purpose.
    I have been associated with Spain for over 30 years and have seen in that time such things getting worse and worse as the country prospered. Spain has improved it’s infrastructure enormously largely from EU cash but the fundamental weakness and accountability of it’s public institutions remains the same as it was pretty much under Franco.

    The Priors have little choice but to continue until they get justice but that might be a very long time indeed.

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    Spot on Logan it makes my blood boil whats happening to the Priors,the country is just run by crooks.

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    Totally agree. I am married to a Spaniard and I hear daily the gripes from certain areas against ‘Brits’ who dared to come here with their money to retire. The greed totally took over and now they are bitter and angry that their ‘boom’ won’t be back. They not only killed the goose who laid the golden eggs….they tortured and left it to die a painful death. Europe should shout about the corruption in Spain and not pay them a cent more until they conform!

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    Fuengi (Andrew)

    @mark wrote:

    They are the victims of a planning dispute between the regional and local governments in Andalucía and they continue to live in their former garage whilst seeking damages for the loss of their home.


    Hi can anyone clarify this?
    the article states that that the Priors have been in rented accomodation since 2010, not living in a garage.

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    British couple whose house was demolished in Spain launch compensation bid
    A British couple who have spent four-and-a-half years living in a garage on the plot of their demolished villa in southern Spain have launched a landmark legal case in a bid for compensation.

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    It’s a real shame. I lived very close to that town but never actually saw where they lived so can’t say whether they do still live in a garage or not?? It was a well known case locally. So stupid of the Junta to knock down the Brit house and leave the two Spanish ones next door….. doh! It’s a real example of the problems Spain had, and have still. The left hand doesn’t know what the right hand is doing….. Vera town hall and the Junta just didn’t know what was right/wrong/black or white…..?

    I hope they manage to sue the whole country as it highlights the corruption case in Spain for all.

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