Court tactics on developer side

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    Having signed for a property in September 2003, finally got our first day in court in last weeks in Vera – as no planning permission, no bank guarantees in place, etc. …

    Developer asked that all five couples suing be in court, so three couples came from UK / Ireland, two are more local. As developer asked for the English speaking customers to be present, onus apparently was on him to bring interpreter – he did not, so all suspended for another three months ūüôĀ Apparently once he will get away with, twice would be frowned upon … but days and $$ wasted for those who travelled over specially of course.

    Is this kind of thing normal – I would assume so … in which case can anyone share other such tactics that are likely to be used next, to further delay / frustrate / ultimately I guess try to get us to point of giving up?


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    All the non-Spanish-speaking people I know who have had to attend court have had an interpreter provided by their own lawyer.

    It’s far too risky to think this developer will produce one next time, & no reason to believe that he will. Get your lawyer to make sure an interpreter is there for you, if you cannot provide one yourselves.

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