Couple of Questions re recent unemployment in Spain

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      Hi.. I have an enquiry I need some help with. Essentially it is three questions.

      My partner has been recently made unemployed and will be entitled to unemployment benefit…. is roughly going to be 900 pm.

      1) The first question is this: we understand that it may be possible to get a lump sum if one starts a business. Does anyone have any info about how this works? Is the lump sum the whole entitlement? If not do you still get a monthly payment to make it up to what you would get otherwise? What about autonomo – you need to pay the 250 pm out of the lump sum right?

      2) If in receipt of unemployment is it possible to transfer this to an EU country? I know Brits (she is German) can transfer their UK benefit to Spain if they look for work there. Does it work the other way round?

      3) She has outgoings which are roughly twice the amount of what the benefit will be – essentially rent and a credit card debt. She has been to see the bank to see if some schedule can be made to pay off the Credit card debt in some other way but they just shrugged and said it must be paid to the monthly minimum. They were not interested in helping at all…. but this monthly minimum is going to be tough after the rent. Question here is: what happens normally in situations like this? She wants to pay it but they don’t seem to want to help at all. Basically she may miss payments and is worried about that.

      Many thanks.

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