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      How can I find out what the equivalent of UK Council Tax is on property in Spain.

      Thanks. Allyson

      The property is awaiting a certificate of occupancy – I don’t know if this will generate a tax amount.

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      Uk Council tax it’s in Spain (roughly) the IBI or ‘Impuesto de Bienes Inmuebles’ AKA ‘La Contribución’ in common Spanish. Although regulated by a national law, the values, the bands (where applied) and the tax bases, rates and even exceptions are ruled and calculated by the local authorities (the town hall) who also collect it (take note that little councils usually delegate this on the regional authorities)

      The tax base is the cadastrial value of the property (not market value but a much lower reference value), you can only get it on-line in the Catastro web page if in possession of a digital signature certificate (I know that several European countries have a agreements with Spain to recognize foreign digital signatures but I’m afraid I don’t know if the UK is one of them). If not, you should go to the nearest tax administration or Catastro information point (you can find them here: )

      The tax rate depends of the city/town your property is, usually the rate is higher as more populated your area may be. You should ask your town hall but usually they would also give you this information in the cadastrial information point.

      Do you mean Final License of Occupation when you say ‘certificate of occupancy’? if so, the answer is yes in many town halls (there are some places where they will charge once only with the building license thought), it generates a tax payable by the promoter/developper so you wont have to pay unless you are promoting your own house or it’s specifically stated in your contract with the developper (yes, they do it sometimes)


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      Hi Cesar

      Many thanks for your very helpful reply. How nice to have such helpful people on this forum.

      Thanks again.


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      Yep, Cesar is one of the best! Very helpful replies, going out of his way to answer some of my more bizarre questions (such as the legal number of sockets in each room!)

      My thanks too Cesar!


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