Council Tax bill increase

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    Have just been charged my annual council tax. An increase of 10.6% from last year.

    Looking back as some old statements, the increase from 2006 is now 60%. Spain is getting very very expensive, for the privilege of holidaying there a few weeks a year.

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    It’s the same old story everywhere, Spain like other countries and corporations are just plain greedy, they hike prices and shoot themselves in the foot. Just what Spain doesn’t need to fuel it’s bombed property market.

    In the UK, Royal Mail are increasing postage stamp prices by nearly 40% so we along with millions won’t be sending Xmas, Easter and other holiday cards out in future, do it all on email. Royal Mail will go bust in 2-3 years no doubt đŸ˜†

    Cretins running Countries and Business put prices and charges up when trade is falling, barmy or what? đŸ™„

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    Fuengi (Andrew)

    how much you paying jp1?

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    In total (including basura) just over 500 Euros a year.

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    With Spains problems I’m not surprised and real estate is something that is very hard to “fiddle” your way around so I’m not surprised that countries with a lower tax base use real estate as a way to gain more tax revenue. It also puts a higher burden “compared to what they get back” on foreigners that use their real estate as holiday homes which is a bonus when it comes to to gain votes from their own population. Will not help property values one bit though.

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