Costa crisis.

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      An article appeared in the Daily Mail today, similar to many otherbut some interesting points. So many people seem to be caught in a “Morton´s Fork” type situation.

      It seems the British government seems uninterested in British people who left the country.

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      Lots of negative comments below the article, the majority I agree with. Why should the UK and it’s Government care. Weren’t these the same people who left slating the UK and it’s culture. Gloating on forums about their life in the sun, many implying that anyone staying in the UK was an idiot! Now when things go pear-shaped the first place they bolt to…the UK!

      Some parts of the article seem overstated. Would many pensioners actually have a mortgage. Brit bars in Fish alley have a yearly turnover of people doing a runner, even in the boom years. The 94 year old could fix up sheltered housing in the UK very quickly, he wouldn’t even have to pay any rent on a small income (I know because I arranged it for someone). Families returning can go directly to social security and get their rent paid.

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      Hi 135

      The likes of the Mail and Telegraph have a lot to answer for in this recession, both here and in Spain. They talk it down and then when it suits they talk it up, there only aim is to sell newspapers, they scare monger,worry people and never seem to give a balanced view.

      I know a lot of expats are struggling, but equally a lot are not, the current downturn has just been a mere annoyance for most.

      The Mail article reports that the 94 year old Mr Ross only enjoys 13,500 per year pension, but if he has had that since he was 65 it means to date hes drawn £391,500-00 plus he sold the big villa when the wife died and moved down to the apartment, I bet that wasn,t a straight swop!.


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      Fuengi (Andrew)

      funny thing is, the writer contacted us last week while on the Costa del Sol asking if we knew any expats who were going to have their houses repossessed or were in dire straights and had to return to the UK.

      I told him honestly that we knew a few that were struggling, but nothing as bad as he was looking for. He even said he was having a hard time finding anything particularly interesting.

      and just a few points about hte article:
      that bloke who bought hte house in nueva andalucia would not be able to see the atlas mountains, but the rif mountains.

      Friar Tuck should be open most of the day. Its a restaurant. Maybe they hsould cater to more than just the few brits that live in Fuengirola or just the biritsh tourist market? and 7.5 for ‘fish and chips’ is expensive.

      oh and the comment:
      ‘I know two people who’ve just locked up and gone, losing everything they invested – tens of thousands of pounds.

      yes it is true. But also many people are looking for businesses yet many leaseholders won’t accept offers because “I invested X in this bar/restaurant/etc”. Yet they are behind on the rent and are only going to be able to stay open another 2 weeks (for example). Boggles the mind.

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      Any newspaper must cater for its readers’ prejudices, so an article saying what plonkers ‘those wot have abandoned the sinking ship’ often goes down well with the home audience.

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      I too have been contacted by a few journalists specifically looking for pensioners stuck and wanting to sell to go back to the UK.

      Despite what I do, I dont have and never have had any desperate pensioners in that situation, and despite many so called desperados, they still havent dropped their prices to make it possible to sell!

      The really genuinley desperate ones have handed their keys back and walked away, the rest are strugling on!

      Its not as bad as the media will have it sound, many here still have money and are able to survive, business is steady, proeprties are selling, its just at the normal rate of 15 years ago, thats all!

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