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      I am looking at a few ‘wrecks’ in Malaga, in the historic center (Victoria/San Felipe Neri.) Has anybody experience in the sm2 costs for a complete reno, roof, plumbing, facade, windows, the works – these are properties which have been abandoned/squatted in for years. I am particularly concerned about the cost of roof rebuilding and facade, as I don’t have comps for that in this area. Before buying I will of course have a structural engineer reevaluate the bones of the property, to ensure it’s not a complete tear down (meaning all interior layouts can be preserved to avoid complete new filings.)

      I’ve done a few of these kind of projects in the U.S. and Germany, but never in Andalusia/Malaga and would appreciate insight if available about median prices. Also very open to recommendations for structural engineers and the trades, if you had a good experience with them.



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      Hi DF

      Málaga city centre is becoming really popular and no wonder as it’s a great place to be.

      Costs can vary hugely depending upon the state of the building and the demands of the authorities. Access problems and whether it’s the whole building or just the upper floors and the state of the adjoining buildings and need for support can also complicate matters hugely.

      For roof rebuilding, you’ve also to look at the upper walls and if the lower floors are still tieing the walls together, or have they rotted at the end of the beams inside the structure. The weight of the rotting roof may have caused the centre to start dropping and pushing out the tops of the boundary walls. They can be tied back in again, but that can also lead to external bracing being required.

      For new build depending upon spec, the costs can be 1,200 to 2,000€ a sq m or more or less. It’s not really useful to speculate as it could lead you on or dissuade you wrongly. I am a RICS Chartered Surveyor based in Estepona and so will be pleased to help or certainly know somebody who can.

      Campbell D Ferguson


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