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      Apparently an organisation called Transparency International produces a Corruption Perceptions Index (CPI) showing a country’s ranking and score.

      See link below

      No guesses for which country you look up first


      Further details are available on the following link

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      Interesting, not sure what criteria is used to get the figures but a few surprises for me were Spain and Japan, Spain was higher than I thought and Japan lower, same as UK in fact

      No surprise in Greece and Italy, knowing a few Greek and Italians that are now in the UK corruption is rife with comments like “ you can do nothing without back handers”

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      Any country that puts Iceland as un-corrupted is deluded. The country is probably one of the most corrupt in the world; they get away with it by being so well organised that they can lie consistently and as a nation as they rob you. It all very well having laws, but if your son is the Judge he isn’t going top allow you to be prosecuted for stealing a few billion euro’s and news papers aren’t going to report on the corruption when they are all owned by Party members and giving 100 million Euro ‘loans’ to keep the party line.

      The map is of perceptions however – not reality.

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