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    I would be interested to hear from anybody who has had problems receiving post from overseas. ie received damaged or opened or not received at all. Particularly in the Torrevieja area. I have a suspicion that a number of people are being affected by missing post and if the item has not been sent by recorded delivery or registered post it can become a ‘target’. Please respond in the forum or pm.

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    The postal service has never been good in Spain. It is one of the main reasons that the Spanish dont write & prefer to do everything by phone or face to face, this gives them a perfect excuse of not to accepting anything agreed verbally. This further creates issues as in my exprerience most Spanish has a very short attention span to focus on a subject matter.

    My property/block is six years old & it still has three postal codes. This created a lot of problems when I had to provide my address to Banks & other financial institutions by way of my utility bills. Intially I provided them my postal code as it appeared on the “escritura” on the grounds that it was a legal document and for all has been signed off by the parasite ( notary).

    My letter box has my name on it. Despite of this my letters are placed in my neighbours letter boxes. Large/thick envelopes do not get placed in the letterr box at and are left on the floor. This included motor car Insurance.

    I took the issue with the local Post office and they were surprised that I had wished to complain about it. It was quite obvious to me from their body language that they felt no one complains about the appaulling level of service & what makes him complain.

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    Happens all the time in areas where there are a lot of foreigners. They know most of them don’t complain so the cartero gets away with non-delivery or downright stealing. Everytime you receive a damaged letter or you know of one that hasn’t arrived go along to local correos and make an official complaint. They will give you a form to fill out. If everyone did this they may get the message. Also give the Postman a decent tip at Christmas :mrgreen:

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    Why, would I give them a tip if they cannot bring the post. I am not one of the three kings. I may become one, once the Spain leaves €.

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    @shakeel wrote:

    The postal service has never been good in Spain. It is one of the main reasons that the Spanish dont write …

    Yup – ever tried to buy writing paper in Spain? The concept is completely alien.

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    As part of my business I send around 50 small parcels a month by Royal Mail to all over Spain (expats included) and we “lose” around one a year on average so for us there is no problems at all, if you are getting items sent from the UK by small packet Airmail then try Airsure (Up to 2KG), it’s around £5.00 on top of the standard Airmail charges and will give you full online tracking information along with a 2-3 working day service

    We find the worst places for losing mail are Italy, Greece and Holland, so for us Spain is a safe place to post

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    loseing one in a year is not bad. Have you checked out the Postman’s home ????

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    We don’t get a postal service to our urbanization as we don’t have a bank of mail boxes. I put a mail box on my gate and took a photo of it to the post office but they said no, got to have a bank of mail boxes in one place for the whole urb. Our urb agreed to installing them at an AGM 2 years, it hasn’t happened but thats another story, so no mail, all the post office boxes are taken and although I’ve asked the utility companies to send bills to UK that hasn’t happened either. I only know how much they have taken after the event. I’ve given up. 🙁

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