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      Hi All,
      Wishing everyone a Happy New Year!

      I was wondering if anyone knew anything about lease option, or in spanish – contrato de alquiler con opción a compra‏.

      Is it something that is popular in spain, in particular the cities, i.e. Barcelona?

      Any advice, i.e. how to go about it, where to advertise, what to advertise, tax laws regarding it, who pays the notary, etc, etc, is much appreciated! I am the property owner.
      Kind regards

      An article on lease option in spain:

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      I have only looked at this briefly, as my opinion was that the rental cost was very high. However, in principle it seems like a good idea to me, just as long as the rent isn’t too high.

      One thing I hadn’t established is if the eventual purchase price is fixed, and at what level.

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