Confidentiality and My Spanish Lawyer

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    hi, i am hoping someone can advise me here. I have sold my property back to the developer that i purchased it from. the lawyer i used was the same one that the developer recommended when i bought the property.

    it has just transpired that my private email correspondence to my lawyer sometimes questioning the developer has been made available to the developer. that is, my lawyer has forwarded private emails from me regarding the sale onto the developer.

    surely there is a breach of confidentiality here? i am very annoyed and want to go back to my lawyer and quote some spanish law that he has breached.

    i should have looked elsewhere as this is a case where the developer has the lawyer in his pocket.

    all advise is appreciated. ta

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    Well, you could always make a complaint to the Colegio de Abogados to which your lawyer belongs.
    But, has this “breach of confidentiality” actually compromised your position in any way or jeopardised the sale? It sounds as if not, as you say that you have sold your property and so it was a successful outcome đŸ˜• So your lawyer may just argue that he was keeping the purchaser informed in order to facilitate the sale.

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