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      Some of you who read my posts will know that I missed the completion date on the advice of my solicitor, then the builder would not contact or respond to me for nearly a year, this caused significant worry and anxiety.

      The conclusion to all this was that in April the builder got in contact giving me a week to close. Rather than fofeit 76K paid in 2003 and run the risk of losing a court action we decided to complete the purchase.

      We are now the proud owners of a 2 bed on the CDS. It is quite nice and to be fair to the builder is of a good finish, because the LFO took so long the gardens are very mature and the builder finished the site a long time ago so there are no piles of rubble etc.

      Where we go from here I am uncertain, hang on to it, sell, rent or loan it to friends. We bought in 2003 so havent been that hard hit.

      The lesson I have taken from this is that you have to close after the LFO is granted, do not miss the completion date, regardless of how long the place took to build etc. you will have a weak legal case.

      This is of course unless the build was not to standard or specification, even then the case is uncertain.

      Thanks for all your help those who replied to my posts.


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      that’s great news. At least you have something to show now for your money. What you have been through is truly awful and wrong, but at least the end result is not a disaster, unlike the situation for many.

      Sounds like you made the right decission on balance. As you know, being in the right often doesn’t often equal justice in Spain, and you have to decide on probability of success, rather than common sense from the justice system.

      Good luck, and hope all goes well for you.

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