Con Lawyer gets 3 years in Prison

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      Well, it’s a start at least ❗

      From Typically Spanish:

      Con lawyer gets three years in prison

      The Provincial Court in Málaga has sent a man, named as Javier P.M., who pretended to be a lawyer, so that he could defraud the public by selling flats, to prison for three years.

      The man claimed to be from a lawyers firm and is known to have defrauded 37,000 € from four people through the alleged sale of flats which he chose by chance.

      He offered the flats at vastly reduced prices in November and December 2002, claiming that the price was reduced as the flats were soon to be auctioned. He accepted deposit payments from his victims.

      The guilty man has also been ordered by the court to pay back the money he defrauded. ©

      Now they need to get started on the ‘legitimate’ lawyers who are defrauding the public 😡

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      ……and looks like the corrupt “Mayor + Town Hall” game has spread to the islands – what is it with Spain?????
      Aren’t they satisfied with their salary or something ?

      The Canary Islands Supreme Court has admitted a complaint presented by the Anti-Corruption Prosecutor against the Mayor of Santa Cruz de Tenerife, Miguel Zerolo, of Coalición Canaria.

      The complaint accuses Zerolo of perversion of the course of justice and misappropriation of public funds in relation to a real estate deal in Las Teresitas.

      Charged with Zerolo are two businessmen, one of them Ignacio González, the President of the Tenerife Chamber of Commerce, and another eight people linked to the Town Hall.


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      3 years makes it €13,000 per year, plus no expenses for lodging etc. This makes it say gross of €20,000, Surely crime pays. To pay back no chance. 3 years cannot be deterent. ( As a lawyer friend told me that the parliment sets the maximum period of imprisionment not the judges)

      In so far as “from salary not satisfied”. The salaries are two low in Spain
      ( I know a girl who takes home €1000 net from her full time job, she earns as much part time with half the no of hours)

      Spain has a very artificial economy. The system does not encourage enterprise etc here are few hints

      1) Banks loans too expensive/Greedy.

      2) Borrowing has extra cost attached to it such as Notary fee.

      3) Civil service incompetant, paper chase and ridicolues rules and regulations.

      4) It cost around €5000 to set up a company and 6 weeks, the opportunity does not wait for paper work.

      5) High social security cost. Payment has to be made from day 1. This does not allow the business to establish and dents in the cash flow. Also discourages employment

      6) Debt recovery through Courts a time consuming and fruitless exercise.

      7) Order/delivery of goods order placed cannot be relied upon.

      8) Tax refunds could take 15 months.

      9) Employee cannot be motivated as they know they can be thrown out of the Job. The Civil service has job security so they dont need to work thus no accountability.

      10) Staff training is not provided, most employers manage their staff by fear.

      I can go on, a few years ago I wanted to set up a business in Madrid after preparing a business plan it was glaringly obvious that I was working for the Bank, the civil servents, and the social security. Needless to say that I did not proceed and as result a few jobs could not be provided, these people who would have worked for me would have contibuted to the economy buy injecting their salary into the economic system.

      Surely, fraud and crime is a convenient way of life if you are only going to spend 3 years and there is no social stigma.

      If people convicted for the Malaya scandel in marbella gets three years that is millions of € for each year.

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