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    Now that the bite is on for the builders it seems that existing property owners are getting their finances ripped to threads by corrupt administrators allied with Spanish owners and their extended families.

    So owners should be on the case before you suddenly find out that your estate needs painting, plumbing or a new swimming pool.

    The most common warning sign is the Administrator cautioning residents that some part of the urbanizacion does not meet current regulations. They add in the fact that will negate any insurance policies. They advise the appointment of an architect and/or consultant to report and off you go… ūüôĀ

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    I recently purchased a property and the administrator has given the services of the community to providers that by casuality are friends of them.

    The administration of the community is one thing we left unattended in the hands of likely “professionals” administrator but we can get surprises.

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    Yes that’s the way it happens. They will then go about concocting all manner of jobs that you will have to pay for. I think that any expenditure over 5,000 Euros must be voted upon so look to see lots of essential works below this water level.

    Beware if you see any contractors vans outside and anyone touring your facilities. Swimming pools are easy for them as the machinery is hidden from view and can be easily sabotaged. Replacing irrigation without digging up pipes is also another favourite.

    Be prepared to pay for stuff you don’t neen and won’t get.

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