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      Hi There,
      I wonder whether you could shed any light?

      The apartment I bought 2 and a half years ago is now due for completion.
      The actual block of apartments (on a small complex) are all complete and licenses in place. However, all the surrounding gardens & landscaping, pool areas, parking other apartment blocks, roads etc are so far from being finished and could be another 12 months or even more.

      I have been told by my solicitor that completion would take place in 2 weeks! I feel like I would be getting half of the package I bought if I were to complete now. I’m sure this happens often but where do people stand??
      I worry that if I complete and anything happens I’m left living on a building site and I wont get the other things I paid for. I wouldn’t mind so much if it was just a couple of months.

      My solicitor has given me the choice to either complete or stand my ground and refuse to complete until all works have finished. Where do I stand and can they forse me to complete?

      Any feedback would be wonderful!


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      we are in the same position and theres more….the pool is a fifth of the size we expected from the marketing material and the green area in the middle of the complex is owned by the town hall not the developer as we were led to believe. we are now expected to complete.

      can anyone advise?

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