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    M Fuller

    How do I know if it’s been posted if I keep getting that forum ID box?  What is a forum ID please?  There is nowhere to enter an ID.

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    M Fuller

    I have had a house in Spain in a company name for over 25 years.  It has caused considerable problems in recent years with banks, tax offices etc. wanting proof of ownership together with apostille stamps and translations using only Spanish registered translators.  I have also had two referencia due to an incompetent lawyer administrator and it has taken over 15 months so far to resolve that, and not there yet.  I want to buy the company, currently owned by my brother and me and wives and have it in my name and my wife’s.  Doing that at Companies House in the UK is not too difficult but how to do it in Spain once the company name is no more?  Any ideas please.

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    Mark Stücklin

    It’s not clear. Are you talking about changing the name of the company, or liquidating the company?

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    M Fuller

    Is this true?  Anonymity: A company will allow the shareholder and ultimate owner to limit the exposure to any third party ownership information request. For a full-proof anonymity situation, buying shares of an off-the shelf company and not being appointed as the director is essential (only a Judge, or the Tax Office, could request the shareholders books to be made visible).

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