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      We bought our first property in Tenerife about a year ago on a complex of 28. Ours is one of the biggest and so we have the largest fees and at the last AGM it was voted (mostly on the basis of proxy votes being given to the President) that there would be a supplementary charge equivalent to a 33% increase) for the next 3 years to cover the funding of ‘necessary’ work. The fees are now pretty eye watering for us.

      Our property sits on the perimeter away from the main pool areas and garden and as such we don’t see an awful lot of benefit from the work being carried out in the main areas but it’s understood. However we have asked for a fairly small amount of work to be done in our area (not improving, just maintenance), replace a few broken tiles, weeding of communal planting areas, a badly flaking wall to be repainted, but we are getting no response from the service company or the President who we have asked before and who was quite dismissive, “we’ll get everything done in good time”. It appears because we are on the outside and maybe not part of the established clique then we are generally neglected.

      It’s all a bit worrying and very unsatisfactory, the central areas around the pool where the majority of homes are situated is very well kept, as are some of the perimeter ones with long established residents. Many of the more central areas are almost manicured but where we are, pretty much alone, is getting tatty and has a distinctly different look and feel. By the way when we bought it our area was very well maintained but we did buy it from the Ex President!

      We are not sure what our options are. We could wait until the next AGM in January but not only do we not wish for a public confrontation (the President is a very aggressive sort) but we know that any request we make (no mater how reasonable) will be voted down due to the proxy numbers which we understand are always at least 50%. Maybe there is some arbitration service we could use, or do we have to resort to a Lawyer? Even then is there any basis to challenge the fairness of allocation of the spending outside of the AGM?

      Any advice would be greatly appreciated


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