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      James Shanley

      There are arguments going on just now as to whether the current elected president of our community in Torrevieja area is an owner or not. Several people, including our administrator, have seen title deeds which show him as an owner but the last president and vice president are doubting this is genuine, and are saying that everything which has been done by the new president e.g. new insurance policies, hiring/firing of staff could be declared null in void, and we might be liable  to being sued by dismissed staff, and more importantly find our new insurance contract is invalid? Are decisions made by him, the V/P and committee members likely to cause legal problems?



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      The president does not need to be an owner. He/she can act with a mandate an the owner……… There are a few case histories in Spanish courts that have judged in favour of these “presidents” –

      There would have to be a very good reason for owners to vote in a non owner; unless, this “president” has managed to get a majority of votes for some reason – Foul play is normally the reason for this unusual desire to be president 🙁


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