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    Does anyone know where I can find the rules/laws set down by the Juna de Andalucia regarding community pools.

    Our administrators are saying we need a new pool (cheaper than doing the renovation’s work). I’m thinking they are just after making some money.

    We have 25 houses/apartments in the complex, they are saying it needs disables access, 2 toilets, and the list goes on.

    The current pool is about 10×6 m2

    Thanks Ian

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    The rules have also been brought out in Italy & France. I understand that the pool area had to be covered in its surrounding and to protect the kids or have a lower level of water in the pool. In Italy this what people are doing/done.

    I read somewhere this happened due to a kid drowning. Sad that it was. Where were the parents letting the kid out unsupervised. Their safety is the primary responsibility of the parents as they introduced the child on this planet. Not the legislation’s.

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    Hi Ian

    The “rules” aren’t very helpful when it comes down to how the town hall may see the current requirements. As an owner you are entitled to see all of the paperwork pertaining to your community and the recommendations from your administrator should have come from somewhere. Each year for example your pool would (more than likely) have a pool inspection from the Town Hall, ask for a copy of the report, the Spanish version and get it translated, don’t ask your administrator for a translation they will miss things out. This report should tell you whats wrong with the pools like quality of water (one the day) and whether you need fencing (if you haven’t got it you will.)

    My understanding is that you do need disabled access and toilets, again i am sure these will be part of the official pool report.

    Pools are a nightmare Ian, sorry!



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