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      I recently purchased an apartment in Almeria, Sapin and it has come to my attention that the community reserve fund has for several years been used to pay the community fees of properties which the owners have handed back to the bank. As such there has been no painting of the facade for over 10 years due to a lack of a sufficient reserve fund. A recent community meeting saw the proposal to pay a higher fee to pay for painting rejecting by a small majority of owners (who mainly own apartments for rent).

      Is this situation allowed under Spanish law as the properties are now deteriorating badly?


      Thank You Graeme

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      yes it is, check out the property horizontal act – you need to rally the troops, explain the logic of painting asap, get proxy votes and get a majority. Make sure it’s a point on next years agenda – you need to request it in writing !! good luck !!

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      Thanks for the reply

      I understand that the painting needs to be voted on but is the reserve fund not for such things and not to pay the community fees of defaulters?


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