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      Our house was constructed in 2006. I have been there 6 years in Canaries. There are 6 apartments and one is bigger than the rest the owner being the people who originally bought the plot and initially rented the 5 flats plus a tiny bed sit that is self contained that he still rents. This owner has an apartment in the capital rented for 30 plus years on an old Franco type tenancy at very cheap rent . He around 2009 started to sell off the flats as the rents were more difficult to get that covered the mortgage payments and recently the owner has gone back to his rented flat and rented out his flat in the house. He told us originally that there was no compulsion to have the horizontal law for communidads of Propertorios applied if there were only 6 units. I have been thinking whether this is true. Currently and so far we have all paid no charges but before long an external painting job is required. I do quite a bit myself around the building during winter keeping the place up and small repairs that cost not much but make quite a difference.Myself and the German occupier of the upper flat have Been thinking if it is desirable to get something done to establish a maintenance contract – if we are able to do this ourselves with or without the main owner and if so how we should go about doing it. One of the owners is rarely seen one has died and a third elderly and may die soon and it is our opinion that they would need to be dragged kicking into signing up for anything that cost them money ! Any suggestions most appreciated.

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      Mark Stücklin

      Hi Ptr,

      What does it say in your deeds? I presume you have deeds, in which case the “división horizontal” should have been done, otherwise you wouldn’t be the owner of your apartment.

      Are you saying that there is no “comunidad de propietarios” or community of owners established for your building?

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      Thank-you Mark. My password failed so i applied for new one and had so much difficulty many many times that I had a ·brainwave ! and re-registered with my alternative email and the new password got me back in. Whether it will work next time God only knows but Ptr and Ptt are the same contributor although Ptr I can no longer use. The answer to your response is that I am refering to the provision for the maintenance of the building where a president is usually elected and everybody is expected to pay usually monthly contributions. I think this is the communidad de propertorios. But we do not have this set up but I am of the opinion that it is normal and the owner of the largest flat who sold off the others did not set one up – I have been thinking about what if anything I should/can do about it . The flats are separate mine was registered at the Land Registry and have numbered Escritura document. (I logged out and back in and it worked fine with the password I created and editedthe post)

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