CNN to film Spanish property

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      Following consultation with the management of this website, I am posting on behalf of the CNN International programme Living Golf as we are interested to document the losses that people have suffered as a result of construction problems in Spain.

      We would like to find people who have invested in a golf real estate development, only to have their dream shattered by construction stoppages and the developers failing to deliver.

      We are especially interested in those cases where people have bought properties near golf courses, perhaps with an interest to play golf, and either the house or the golf course has faced construction problems and financial loss has resulted.

      Given how people have struggled to receive their initial deposits from such cases, how property prices have fallen and how commitments have not been delivered, it is important to represent this and provide those affected individuals with the opportunity to state their case.

      We will be travelling to Spain to film and are based in London. If you would be interested to share your story with the programme then please pm me so we can discuss this further.

      We would only require a short amount of your time and would not expect you to go out of your way.


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