Cleaning well water?

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    I’m wondering if any of our members is knowledgeable about water purification & testing.

    I’m considering purchasing a house with a water well. I’m told that the water has (excessive?) mineral content, however a neighbour has a osmosis system to treat this. I’m wondering if this is all that is generally needed to clean up a well water.

    I would want to test the water regularly to ensure it remains safe, is this something one can do at home, or is this strictly a job for a specialised lab.

    Any ideas of the cost of water purification & testing would be good too.

    The house also has a potable supply, and a irrigation feed, but the well water is free. So, it would be good to use it if it can be made safe & pleasant.

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    I can’t answer the technical questions, but I can make a suggestion. My family have a holiday home with a well and a cistern (for rainwater). We drink the water from the cistern, but not the well water, which we use for everything else like showers. Drinking water consumption is always low, so even if you pay for your drinking water, you still get the lion’s share of the savings if you use well water for everything else.

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    Thanks Mark, that seems a sensible approach.

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