Clarification – Rental License : long term V's Short Term – Use of Agents

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      New user here getting a bit confused with the many curve balls of the new rental laws. I have a property which I advertise through a UK agent but covers Tenerife, Canary Islands. Can I set-up a contract between me as the property owner and The Agent? by this method I think it falls into the category of ‘long-term rents’, which is ‘exempt’ of the new strict licensing laws. The agent manages the property for repairs, cleaners, meets the client etc . However, I only get paid once they have rented out the apartment? so in effect its short-term rents?? But is this an allowable loop-hole?

      Please clarify what type of license I need? should I be checking what license the agent has? someone said I need to advertise my license number with the advert on the agents website, is this correct? As an owner am I responsible for keeping copies of the client’s details passport details etc? or can the agent who manages the apartment take responsibility for this? Its a mind field!

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