China and Russia

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      Sorry this is not Spanish related but these two countries’ self interest and their own appalling human rights issues refusing to either abstain or vote with the UN on the Syrian atrocities just shows how corrupt they are, more so it seems than Spain. Assad of Syria and his cronies are as bad as Gadaffi and Hussein, they deserve no place in this world yet China and Russia support their regimes. 1000’s of innocent Syrians are being massacred and these two countries are sanctioning further massacres.

      How effective would be a worldwide Twitter and Facebook campaign to urge everyone to stop buying anything made in China of which most things seem to be, as well as a boycott of Russian goods?

      That nasty Chinese Gov’t would no doubt feel the pinch in due course and hopefully change their stance. You really do not want Chinese money propping up the Euro, they’d end up owning Europe and dictating to everyone.

      Rant over 😈

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