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      I believe that in the UK any cheques have to be banked within 6 months.
      Is there a similar rule in Spain -and if so does it also apply when giving a person/company permission to take money from your account?

      Any help much appreciated 😀

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      Cheques are very rarely used and cheque bearers are usually regarded as rather dodgy.

      Many businesses will ask for authorisation to take money from your account. In fact, in the case of utility and insurance companies you will have little choice but to agree.

      However, I would avoid giving this power to any other companies. The problem is not so much that they will rob you – they will simply take what they want to take and whenever. Invoices will tend to arrive late – and only after some chasing on your part. Often you will be wondering why such and such amount disappeared on such a date.

      If money is taken from your account and you are certain that the sum is wrong, or unauthorised, then the banks will re-credit the sum to your account if you react fairly quickly – say within 10 days.

      However, it is better to insist on paying by transfer after receiving an invoice by post, fax, or email. This way, you will be sure to promptly receive invoices and you will keep control over outgoings.

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