cheap car insurance?

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    Hi there,

    Wondering can anyone recommend competitive car insurance company for a spanish car. I’ve heard of Linea Directa – if anyone had website or telepone number – would be grateful.

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    We used Linea Directa this time. Their web site is

    They have several phone numbers – 902 325 325 is the one on my confirmation email. If they answer in Spanish you can ask for an English operater.

    Sometimes you get straight through to an English operator.

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    Having had someone crash into me yesterday, admitting it was their fault, I would recommend checking what happens if you have an accident, who does all the legwork.

    Although my insurance company have been very quick to send out all the documents I need, I have been left to get 3 quotes to repair the damage to my car myself which will be interesting as I’ve only learnt Spanish since living here…and haven’t really had much to do with garages etc…so if anyone can recommend a good garage near Pola, please do!!


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    Thanks for that info. Also heather think you’ve answered one of my questions also – think fully comp is better than third party.

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