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      I have just bought a second hand property, 2 years old, last June, my lawyer promised that he would, as part of our agreement not charge me for changing the water contract over to my name.
      He called yesterday and said that

      1 he needs to change it over with my new bank details

      2 the meter needs a revision to make sure its all working costing 200€

      3 he needs 200€ to change the contract.

      I was shocked and told him I would let him know in the morning. I am hearing from friends that it should only cost about 100€ to change over, that I don’t need a revision and I don’t even need to change the contract, just change the billing details and form of payment.

      Does anyone know what I can do, as I don’t have any water bills for the previous owner in my post-box, unlike the electricity, so I don’t have the counter number or anything, just an address.

      Any advise would be welcome!

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      That’s ridiculous. Go to your town hall yourself with your escritura, NIE, passport, bank acct details etc etc and they will issue you with a new contract to supply in your name and a form to set up payment by DD if you want. There will be a fee, can’t remember how much mine was but only a few euros.
      Remind your lawyer he was supposed to do it for “free” (included in what you’ve already paid, no doubt) – do you have that in writing?

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      Hi Hillbilly,
      thanks for the advice, I will be there on Monday morning frist thing! No I don’t have that in writing, the shocking thing is I went with this laywer as he is the husband of a friend and as they knew I was buying a property… it seemed like the right decision.
      I must say he did an amazing job with EVERHTHING else!

      I was more worried about how I could change the details without the counter number, but I suppose if I grab ALL info I have an persist I bet I will get a result.

      Thank you!

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      The meter number should be on the meter itself I think. Take the meter reading with you too (just in case!!!)
      Good luck Christine!

      Just had a look at my old paperwork – the new contract to supply from the town hall cost €18.75!

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