CGT on sale of UK property

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      Hi folks


      Quick query


      If I sell my UK home and move to Spain I realise after 183 days there I am tax resident.


      Does this mean effectively if I sell my UK home and move to Spain in the same year I will owe CGT to Spain on the sale of my UK home?


      I am thinking the way round this is don’t move to Spain until after calendar day 183 (beginning of July) in any year.


      Comments answers much appreciated

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      This raises the interesting point about items that are tax-free in UK
      but subject to taxation in Spain.

      Principal Home relief from CGT is just one (albeit major) item.
      Others include ISA income and profits from gambling. The general
      rule seems to be that the Hacienda in Spain will seek the full
      charge as per Spanish rules LESS tax already paid in UK. If the
      latter is nil, that is not very helpful!

      The 183-day rule does apply to the calendar year but involves
      the number of days actually in Spain during the year. I live
      in Las Canarias for around 170 days a years – as I live in the
      UK during the hotter summer months and return for shorter times
      around New Year and the end of the UK fiscal year in March/April.

      Part of my record keeping is an annual spreadsheet listing my
      dates of arrival in and departure from Spain – with a total of
      the days calculated for me. It has two sections – intended and
      actual so that I can use it for planning as well as recording.

      Thus I have not registered with the Hacienda – and see no need
      to do so as all my income is generated from the UK (where I pay
      relevant tax on it!) and converted to Euros for my living expenses.

      Renting a property in the more remote parts of Las Canarias is so
      cheap (by UK standards – even at Euro parity). Rentals are available
      at less than €3600 per annum – very little more than paying (at higher
      rate) for just the actual months of usage – with the convenience of
      not having to move in and out each year. I see no need to tie up any
      capital or to risk losses on a future sale. I have an NIE – which has
      enabled me to purchase a car, which I keep in the garage that comes as
      part of my whole-year rental. Of course, prices can be double that in
      major urban/tourist centres but do retirees need to live in such places?

      There are considerable advantages in keeping open the links with the UK
      and certainly in closing any major tax liabilities before shifting over
      to the Spanish system. Essential would seem to be keeping below the 183
      day threshold in the calendar year of transition.

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      I’m not 100% sure, but I believe it is more complicated than that. For example if you moved to Spain a few days before the end of the Spanish tax year and it was clearly your intention to live in Spain from then on I believe you are immediately seen as tax resident for that year and may face the full CGT bill on your UK residence – I think it’s around 18 or 19%. I wouldn’t risk it. I’d make sure I had all the proceeds from the UK sale in the one year and moved out the next as you are talking a lot of money.

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