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      Hi Aproperty i have just completed on last Fridy , by power of attorney to my solicitor is not habbital .
      All licences are in place including the first occupation licence , but now find that the builder has not provided a power transformer to run the complex , also has not connected in the water supply .
      Does this licence from the Townhall ,not mean what it says , Should not the property be habital and what can i do next ?
      any advice please

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      I hope you are not in Marbella as every license is going to be reviewed…

      The LFO license means your dwelling observes local regulations and therefore you will be able to live in…

      The Town Hall has given you precisely the green light to contract water and electricity supply so now the builder has no excuse to provide it. It’s HIS duty to do so… Furthermore, there are recent court decisions declaring void contract clauses imposing the purchaser the payments for this final steps of the building process.

      Ask you Lawyer to make a formal requirement to the builder threatening him with court action.


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      Thank you Ceasar , not Marbella , the sierra Nevada area , many people are involved , so we will have to get together and perhaps hire a jount solicitor to sort it if the builder doesnt



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