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      We are currently selling a villa, and have been advised that capital gains tax on the substantial profit will be 20% as non residents in Alicante

      On searching through the internet the rate seems to be 19%

      Can anyone confirm the correct rate?

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      Hi Steve,

      It depends when you sold on.

      If you sold on between the 01-01-2015 and the 11-07-2015 the cgt is 20%.

      If you sold on between the 12-07-2015 and the 31-12-2015 it is 19.5% cgt.

      If you sold as from the 01-012017 it is 19% cgt.


      More info in my article: Taxes on selling Spanish property

      Taxes on Selling Spanish Property




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      Thanks for that

      I thought it was 19% last year and this, which is what you are saying too.

      For some strange reason, the lawyer said to pay them based on 20%, and they would pay it on our behalf.

      Thanks again

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