Canary Winters

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      In England cold winds from the Arctic and Russia the worst causes of chill. Early in January we had two short spells of ‘Calima’. These winds come from the Sahara when pressure is high and the winds slack and there is a haze that shrouds the sun but rarely lasts more than a couple of days at a time. This winter since then has been colder than usual -the prevailing winds come from the NE down the west coast of Morroco but have warmed over the Ocean. The greatest rainfall is in The North of the 2 main islands of Gran Canaria and Tenerife. In the south of Gran Canaria there is usually a deluge in late November or early December and apart from the odd shower that’s it. The southern province of Mogan the (g pronounced as a soft gh and the a hard )is the area of highest sunshine in the whole of Europe if indeed these islands are really in Africa. The sea chills in January and is coolest in February to this year 17C that does not stop North europeans and Spanish swimming. In fact in the clear blue skies it’s very popular and the mountains shelter from the wind more so when the tide comes in on warm sand in man made bays you get a lift in the temperature in the first metre or two and in warm patches. Property prices not fully recovered from the crash and particularly in inland villages not far from the coast. The exchange rate at around 1.30 makes shopping cheaper particularly with a Nationwide or Halifax credit card that gives you the financial rate but the shops are catching on discounting is fading sadly. Bus fares start at 1.40 and that takes you at least 8 kilometre and if you are a pensioner you can get a 60 per cent discount card but it’s only worth while if you live here or spend time here regularly.Indeed if you think of living here think carefully about limiting it to 182 days a year for fiscal reasons

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