can any one make head or tail.

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      My block is being restored i.e cyclical repairs etc. Nethier me nor other owners been informed about it.

      The fact that the works are being carried out in July /August the height of the season & the hottest time for the workers who are painting & decorating the outside.

      In my development the majority of the owners are there for the summer break the remaning ten months or so the properties are vacant. As a result they now cannot enjoy their holidays with dust, rubbish, noise etc.

      I ask myself why the works could not be carried out in March, April, May, September, October, November & even December if its not raining.

      Do you think EU need to pass a directive on the months when the work is carried out and add few more brain dead EU citizens. who can not apply rational ????

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      Applied rational, in Spain? 😆

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      Fuengi (Andrew)

      But, how could the owners not know about it? Would your president not have authorised the works?
      If extra communities fees have been taken for this works or if this had come out of an existing funds, it would have to be voted on.

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