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    Restore responsible buying and selling of property within the European context. Restore the fundamental rights of citizens to move house as life dictates and not have assets effectively frozen like criminals

    Thousands of people, Spaniards and immigrants throughout Spain but especially Andalusia, in particular the Almanzora Valley have their property threatened with demolition despite having bought in GOOD FAITH through the supposed Spanish legal system. The government have no desire to relieve the system and the legal system delays any actions further.

    European administration denies human rights violation and that it is not within European Law despite many well presented petitions.

    The Spanish economy desires aid from Europe but cannot fix problems like this that retard the construction industry and incoming tourism hence employment. The British government cannot or will not help its expat citizens within the European context.

    Many people caught in this corrupt housing planning trap are retired citizens without the time expectancy of decades to resolve the problem.

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    Fuengi (Andrew)

    Was going to sign it, as it is important that confidence returns to the system here.

    My only gripe is that supposedly its only 1 signee short of the 750. Yet every time I ‘refresh’ the page the same people show up on the right hand sign saying they have just signed.
    7 seconds ago Susan Cooper, United Kingdom
    one minute ago Paul Cooper, United Kingdom

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    T&C’s for them, whiff of email garnering.



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    AVAAZ is a highly respected human rights and environmental organisation which has undertaken many campaigns to its credit and is supported by millions of people worldwide. See here:

    This petition is being presented as a community petition, unlike AVAAZ’s global campaigns, and now has 1146 signatories. It was launched on 22 August and it carries the clause that it ‘may not represent the views of the AVAAZ community’. So it is up to us within our various communities to spread the word.

    Mechanically, it operates like the petitions (to the Governor of the Bank of Spain and to David Lidington, Minister for Europe in the UK) that I’ve publicised in the past using a similar process. It just appears to move very slowly at times – and very fast at others.

    So Fuengi, don’t hesitate. Do sign. We need many, many signatories. I really hope that your fellow workers in the property industry will follow suit because this really is a petition that anyone can sign. It has the capability of becoming a very significant document giving a push in the right direction to the Andalucian Government.


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    Fuengi (Andrew)

    Hi roots, I did see the site figures have updated.

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