Calling everyone in Extremadura (was Asturias)

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    Surely, it can’t be as bad in Extremadura as in Asturias.

    Is anyone living in Extremadura (particularly northern area, Caceres etc.)?

    What are the yearly expenses?

    What are the planning laws like?

    Another bureaucratic hell or sensibly run?

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    Sorry, you are thinking moving to Spain and have to ask “Another bureaucratic hell or sensibly run”…..

    The rules and regs are pretty much the same everywhere in Spain, the red tape just as bad…maybe some areas are moved flexible with the rules.

    I disagree with Mortimm on the denouncia thing, up here its a BIG thing to do and the only people I know that get all the licenses, for every little thing, work for the ayuntamiento…are you really going to pay 4% for the privilege of putting a coat of paint on your walls…

    Good luck where ever you end up…

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