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      Hi, I live and work in UK for some already, originally EU national (Estonia), earning 60k per annum at the moment. I want to buy a property in Spain for around 100-150k EUR with mortgage. How do I approach that? Where do i get mortgage in UK bank or Spanish bank? Are there any agencies to help me to do this based in uk?

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      Hi there. Are you going to be living in Spain. If so you can just get one from a Spanish mortgage provider. If you do that they’ll have to be listed as authorised to operate in Spain with the Bank of Spain.

      You can find out about whole buying process here if you need more information. They also highlight that for a rural property you will only ever be able to get a mortgage for 50% of the bank’s valuation of the property. Something that never occurred to me.

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      Apologies, that link is broken. Here is the link to the information

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