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      Hi there everyone

      I am completing a guide to buying in Spain and would welcome some reviewers to review the contents and comment on this. The book is a detailed explanation about the buying process, what is involved, what the costs are and how you can avoid paying too much. There are many money saving tips from how to reduce your solicitors bills to not paying too much in bank charges, as well as how to select an agent and make sure you dont get ripped off.

      The book is in e-book format and is going to be published and sold. However if you review it then obviously the book will be free.

      I dont need a detailed review just some basic questions answered (along the lines of – did it answer all your questions about buying in Spain, do you think there are subjects it doesnt cover, would you buy the book or recommend it to a friend)

      If anyone is interested in reviewing the book drop me a line at and I will send the download link and review questions.

      This offer is limited to 50 people on a first come first served basis and I currently have 11 so get in quick

      Many thnaks again



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