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    I’m planning to move out to Lanzarote full time next Summer, and want a Polo/Ibiza/Astra sized car.

    Looking at advertised prices in Lanz of both new and nearly new car makes poor reading, especially with the exchange rate as it is. In UK I’d expect to get a new or nearly new car at a massive discount from the advertised price because of the slump – but exporting a RHD car is pointless. What discounts would I find in Lanz and, not speaking much Spanish, could I haggle?

    Alternatively, I’ve been told that taking a trip to the Peninsula and buying one there to bring back on the ferry would be much cheaper because the competition is greater there.

    Does anyone have recent experience of buying new or nearly in Lanz or the Peninsula?

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    Used cars are very expensive in Lanz-up to twice what they would be in the UK for something comparable.

    There are several English car dealers. Try “The Car Shop” in Playa Honda, next to Deiland.

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    Thanks for that. I have visited both the British and the new car dealers. I found, as you say that prices are ridiculous, and don’t seem to reflect the collapse in the new car market. In UK you can get a new but obsolete Vectra estate for ¬£9k, in Lanz they want Euro 10k for a new but obsolete obsolete Cordoba of a lower spec. So,

    I’m left with my second question, is it cheaper to buy on the Peninsula and ship back to Lanz? With the number of ex pats going home, I’d have thought there would be a rash of nearly new cars for sale.

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    Must be worth a trip to Dubai, even taking into account shipping costs?

    “So many used luxury cars are for sale they are sometimes sold for 40 percent less than the asking price two months ago, car dealers tell reporters”.

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    Second hand cars hold there value much better here than in the UK. Have you thought about buying a LHD car thru ebay or something similar and importing it?

    We have imported 2 cars now and with the LHD one it was much cheaper than buying the same here…the RHD was hubbies that he wanted to keep!!

    The only thing to be careful with is that you pay quite a large first registration tax (first reg in Spain) and its based on the list price of your car here!!

    I have previously posted the steps needed to import a car and now we know how to do it, its not as bad as I first thought!!

    However, I am surprised that with the UK reporting loads of Brits having money probs over here and selling up and going back to the UK that you could not pick up a car that way, might be worth looking on other expat forums.

    Good luck,


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    I think that the cars in Dubai, will not be up to the EU requirements, e.g for technical or safety, in which case the buyer/importer will not be able to register the car.

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