Buying and building on rustic plots of land: Andalucía, CDS.

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      In today’s spanish newspaper El Mundo there is a highlight on a legal case by which a woman in Málaga who owned a rustic plot of 1.872 m2 had build a house ilegally.

      The Fiscalía asks for her:

      1. One year of prison.
      2. A fine of 2.700 euros
      3. To demolish the ilegal house at her own expense.

      Beware of the british rogue REAs located in the “pueblos” who sell fellow countrymen rustic plots of land and assure the prospective buyers that they will be able to build on rustic plots of land without any licences (or with “casa de aperos”) at all. They have no idea of spanish law, and If they do, they puportedly choose to ignore it and conceal the huge legal pitfalls of buying this type of land for the purpose of building ilegal rustic villas …

      This is completely untrue and in the next few years, now that the real estate market is cooling off, we’ll witness even more cases of British being condemned for building ilegal houses on rustic plots of land.

      They thought they were smart not buying priced-up urban plots and saving themselves alot of money.

      Spanish justice is very slow albeit relentless and they will eventually pay the high price for doing so.

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      No doubt just the beginning.

      In most cases I don’t think people were trying to be smart, in the mischievous sense. I think they have just been terribly misled.

      I addressed this issue of the pitfalls of buying in rural areas in my Sunday Times column last year. You can read it here:


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      I’ll read it, thanks Mark.

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